€1 million cash injection takes Belgian gaming platform OJOO to the next level

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 — One year after its inception, the Belgian gaming platform OJOO has secured a 1 million euro cash injection to boost its international expansion. “With this investment we can take OJOO to the next level”, says Founder and CEO Peter Symons. “We can’t wait to bring the power and joy of OJOO to people around the world”, adds private investor Bert Pauwels.

Location-based games, tours, maps and apps for everyone

OJOO is a free mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows users. With OJOO, you can download location-based city games, museum tours, scavenger hunts and tourism apps from all over the world. OJOO uses GPS signals and beacons to guide you through a game and to provide on-site facts, intriguing stories and fun challenges based on your geographical position in the game.

“It is our goal to gamify the world”, says Peter Symons. “OJOO has the potential to change the way we experience and interact with the world around us.”


From refreshing idea to promising start-up and beyond

OJOO was founded by Peter Symons in 2014. Symons has a knack for taking promising ideas to market; he was previously involved with the development and marketing of Twoo, a multi-million dollar Belgian social networking company.

“I first got the idea for OJOO back in 2010”, recalls Symons. “A first round of government and private funding in 2014 enabled us to develop and release the first version of our platform with a team of developers from all over Europe. One year later, we have several tours, games and maps in store and we have a diverse range of clients and partners in the media, entertainment and tourism industries. Now it is time to further expand our product and to market OJOO internationally.”


The perfect partnership to move OJOO forward

“The partnership between OJOO and Bert Pauwels is beneficial in many ways”, says Lies Permentier, Co-Founder and Director Business Development of OJOO. “Bert Pauwels is Founder and CEO of Pauwels Consulting. In the past few years, his consulting firm has consistently ranked among the fastest growing companies in Belgium. The company is currently expanding its services internationally. Bert is the perfect partner for us to help with the international expansion of OJOO.”

“I have been following OJOO for a while now” says Bert Pauwels. “I qualify OJOO as a high risk innovative start-up with the potential to disrupt existing business models and to create new markets and opportunities for companies and individuals around the world. The business plan of OJOO is rock solid, the potential of the platform is enormous. I see lots of opportunities for the entertainment, tourism, HR and education businesses, to name a few. I am very happy to be a part of OJOO now.”


The future of OJOO

OJOO will use the new cash injection to further expand the Ghent headquarters and its international development and marketing team.

In the next few months, the development team will release a web editor and a mobile editor that will allow everyone with a smartphone or a tablet to create, publish and sell personalized mobile games and apps with the touch of a button. The marketing team will focus on international branding and community building.

“The potential of OJOO lies in its ease of use and versatility”, says Thomas De Wulf, Co-Founder of OJOO. “In a few months, everyone can create city games, museum guides, tourist maps and scavenger hunts without any coding. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and a bit of imagination to create gorgeous interactive games, tours, maps and apps.”

“We can’t wait to unleash the potential of OJOO to the world.”


More information

For more information about OJOO and this press release, please contact Peter Symons, peter@ojoo.com, tel number 0032(0)496. 71. 43.11
For more information about current vacancies, please visit http://ojoo.com/jobs