200 Butlers at your service in just one click around the greater Brussels area

200 Butlers at your service in just one click around the greater Brussels area

Launch Your Private Butler

Brussels - Ever wished someone would do your daily groceries, laundry, dog-walking? Or your errands would get sorted in a click? Thanks to a new Belgian peer-to-peer application, Your Private Butler, 200 butlers are at your service to make your life easier in Brussels. The sharing economy platform aims to make personal assistant and butler services (instant fetch and delivery from any shop, errands, laundry, petsitting, garden works) available for everyone with a smartphone. The platform connects clients’ requests with butlers instantly and operates on a strictly on-demand basis, with no fixed membership fees.

Simple. Trusted. Helpful.
The Butler application was created to serve the growing needs for on-demand personal services in large urban areas, to provide more freedom, time and flexibility to the citizens of Brussels and thus significantly improving the quality of their life. 

After downloading the application from the App store and registering a profile, a small tutorial helps you to choose the right type of request (delivery, laundry, pet sitting or garden works). When clicking one of the icons, you need to specify 4 things:

  • What do you need? 
  • ​Where do you need it?
  • When?
  • How much is the maximum amount you are willing to spend for the purchase or service? 

What happens after the request is placed?
When the customer, clicks on the "Order now" button the Your Private Butler (YPB) receives the authorisation from the customer to block the amount marked in the "How much" field. This allows the butlers the security of being payed immediately after the missions. However, the payment only happens upon the receipt of goods or completed services. All payments are SSL secured via third party payment provider STRIPE, no cash payment necessary.

Thanks to integrated geolocation the Butlers (students, operating under the sharing economy law) - who are in the vicinity of the request delivery point - are receiving a notification for the mission in their app. Simultaneously the customer is able to see the Butlers, who are accepting the mission and are available to fulfil the request.

The customer chooses his Butler. At this point the Butler is notified to go and fulfill the request, according to the company's guidelines: within 30-60 minutes or to the pre-booked time-slot. The in-app-chat function is activated, allowing the client and the butler to get in touch during the mission, sending text and pictures for more accurate communication. The customer and the butler both have the possibility to contact customer support, by clicking to the support button.

As the final step, the butler makes the delivery at the indicated place and time. By clicking the "Finalise" button in the app, payment preview shows up, informing the clients of the actual spent amount upon which final payment is issued and transacted between the customer and YPB and also between YPB and the butler. After the request is fulfilled mutual evaluation enables trustworthy feedback system about your experience.

Christophe Degraeve, founder of Your Private Butler: “Time is the most valuable commodity that we can't buy...working long hours and extremely difficult traffic situations in Brussels inspired us for the Butler app. We wanted to create a cool and fast mobile platform, that is a pleasure to use and makes the habitants of Brussels life easier.

Trust is very important within the Butler community. Monthly free butler trainings on interaction with customers, tutorials and quality control ensures their high standards.

Nikoletta Gyenes, co-founder Your Private Butler adds: "Our aim is to grow the platform to 500 dedicated people, who want to help others on a peer-to-peer basis and are just as passionate about making the world a better place as the founders are. For us, it is a priority to keep the personal touch and be consistent on quality, even when growing bigger.

More than an app, meet the Butler community
Currently 200 personally interviewed and briefed, multi-lingual university students are at your service and are the core part of the Butler community. The service is available in greater Brussels area. The good news for the Butlers? Not only making extra money by helping others and having flexible work hours, but they also receive same day payment for their work from the platform. Other advantage: thanks to the geolocation their missions are nearby, reducing lost time for traveling.

The Your Private Butler application is free to download in the App Store and available in Brussels.

Your Private Butler is part the Start it @kbc accelerator which supports innovative and scalable entrepreneurship.

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