In need of skilled workers? Look no further!

In need of skilled workers? Look no further!

A plumber, electrician, painter or handyman straightaway thanks to

Friday, June 9, 2017 — Brussels — You’ve probably seen the desperate posts on social media. "Who knows a good plumber close to A?" Urgently needed: carpenter in region B." The new online platform MySpecialist makes quick work of your searches. Find the exact specialist, with quality certificates and references, with just one click on your smartphone or on the website. MySpecialist puts you in touch with contractors, plumbers, electricians, heating engineers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, gardeners, kitchen installers, chimney sweeps, roof tilers, window assemblers,…

Extensive network with evaluations

Start-up MySpecialist is part of the incubator Start it @kbc that supports innovative and scalable entrepreneurship. The new platform allows you to find skilled workers throughout Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. The team of specialists behind the website is in charge of certifying the quality of the contractors and adds evaluations from the users. You are assured of reliable, skilled workers who have kept record of service. The ultimate goal: every job carried out by MySpecialist has to be a positive experience, as well as for the skilled worker as for the client.

Today more than 160 people make an appeal to every month in order to find a worker who’s fit for the job with, among others, regular partners such as Brico and DKV.

The start-up currently offers about 50 skilled workers and the network is always growing and expanding with new tradesmen, suppliers and users. By the end of 2017, the start-up wishes to offer well over 250 certified tradesmen.

Advantages for the skilled tradesperson as well
Working via means much less stress and fewer concerns for the contractors. They can sign up for free to the network and offer their services. The platform then takes care of everything: the first contract, cost estimates, schedules, and invoicing are simply done via the website, so that the tradesmen can focus on what they do best: their job.  

Finally, also takes care of the payments and calculates 6% commission on the working hours, which is only to be paid for cost estimates that have been accepted. The additional reputation that the tradesmen enjoy thanks to the digital marketing machine of is of course a great advantage.

Tradesmen who are looking for new ways to increase their client base can sign up at

About Myspecialist
On you will quickly find a skilled worker close to your neighbourhood: contractors, heating engineers, plumbers, electricians, handymen, painters, roof tilers, etc. Brico and DKV are among the main partners of The company was founded in 2015 by Lancelot du Bois. The platform was voted in 2015 by the incubator Start It @kbc as promising start-up of 2016.
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