Invitation - Press Lunch - Launch of initiative

Invitation - Press Lunch - Launch of initiative "Cook4Chance"

Integration of refugees: Brussels-based start-ups are launching a partnership to provide education to refugees.

Thursday, February 18, 2016 — Meetsies, the meal sharing platform founded in Brussels six months ago, is partnering with Kiron, a European NGO whose aim is to provide world class higher education for refugees, aiding their integration into society.

These two Brussels-based start-ups are raising funding to provide refugees with the necessary equipment to study to become web developers, in the framework of Kiron’s newest initiative, Kiron CodeSchool. Their partnership, Cook4Chance, will allow all those who want to support refugees to organize dinners at home and to donate the proceeds to this cause through the website

We kindly invite you to the launch event of Cook4Chance, where you will get the opportunity to meet and interview:

  • The first Brussels-based refugees from Syria and Iraq who will enroll in the Kiron Code School;
  • The hobby cooks who will host the first dinners at their place;
  • Kiron and Meetsies, the organizers of Cook4Chance.

12.15   Welcome, refreshments and Syrian mint tea
12.30   Short presentation of the project
13.00   Questions & Answers
13.15   Lunch : Traditional Syrian Mezze, prepared by Eyas, a Syrian artist who has been living and working in Belgium since 2011
14.00   End - Possibility for individual interview slots for interested journalists.

Start-up incubator “Start it @kbc
Rue de la Science 23, 1000 Brussels
(Both Meetsies and Kiron are incubated in the Start it @kbc Incubator.)
Press contact
Oliver Klawitter
+32 483 32 85 14

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Kiron and Meetsies are launching an unprecedented partnership to raise awareness and funding in order to support education and training of Belgium-based refugees. Those who want to contribute to this cause will be able, either to host dinners, either to participate in dinners as guest.
All those who like to cook will be able to become the cook of one night and support refugees in a very personal way. They will only have to propose a menu and a price on They will be able to choose to give part of all of the revenue of their dinner to Kiron. Thanks to these funds Kiron will be able to purchase computers to allow refugees to start their education, and get them a chance to better integrate in society. 

Kiron Open Higher Education 
Kiron Open Higher Education is a European non-profit organization whose mission is to remove the obstacles that refugees and asylum seekers face when accessing higher education. The new initiative of Kiron,  Kiron Code School aims to provide refugees worldwide with the opportunity to learn programming and coding in order to become web developers, which will also aid their integration into society. Kiron was founded in Germany and set-up recently in Belgium. In October 2015, the first 1250 students began their studies with Kiron across Europe.

Meetsies is a Brussels start-up which gathers those who like to cooks and those who don’t have time or appetite to cook. With Meetsies, hobby cooks can organize dinners at home or cooking classes. Hobby cooks are people who like to cook for their family or friends. To become a Meetsies host they just have to propose a menu on, pick-up a price, and wait for their guests on the D-Day ! Everybody will be able to meet around a meal and a convivial experience.