PRESS INVITATION - Web app Advelox allows healthcare providers to continue working undisturbed

PRESS INVITATION - Web app Advelox allows healthcare providers to continue working undisturbed

15 March 2019 | Start it @KBC, Havenlaan 8, 1080 Brussel

Brussels, 8 March 2019 - With a new, secure web app, patients can now easily ask their doctor, physiotherapist or other healthcare providers questions. This way, the latter can first finish his or her consultation undisturbed, privacy issues are avoided, and patients are less likely to go to Google or the emergency service. The start-up starts a crowdfunding campaign to further develop the app.

On average, consultations are interrupted 20 to 30 times a day by telephone calls, SMS and social media messages from patients. This is evident from research by the Domus Medica general practitioners' association. Advelox is therefore launching a user-friendly web app that allows patients to ask questions to their doctor, physiotherapist or other healthcare provider. The latter does not have to interrupt his consultation and is looking for a suitable time to answer. In this way, the privacy issues that would arise if they did this during consultations or through unsecured channels such as social media and e-mail are avoided.

Internist-pneumologist Paul Wulleman, co-founder and Medical Director Advelox: "Renewal of prescriptions, questions related to lab results and other non-urgent medical questions often lead to inefficiency. But if patients can’t address their questions to their healthcare providers immediately, there is a danger that they will turn to less reliable channels such as Doctor Google or present themselves unnecessarily to the emergency departments. Advelox offers an answer to that.

90 minutes time saving
The start-up was assisted in the development of the app by the Order of Physicians and carried out a practical test with two care providers and 150 patients. The results show that the user-friendly app saves healthcare providers an average of 90 minutes per day and that their patients on average avoid 20 km of transport.

Jean-Sébastien Struyf, CEO Advelox: "When healthcare providers are willing to slightly adapt their way of working, they not only increase their own efficiency but also offer a better service to their patients. The human aspect has remained central to the development of the app. Advelox's main aim is to strengthen the relationship between the patient and his healthcare providers".

Wanted: 50 extra care providers
Advelox is now available free of charge to all interested physicians, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals. By the end of July, the company wants to attract 50 additional registered healthcare providers to test the socio-economic impact of the app and further develop it. This includes the integration of chatbot technology. Advelox is part of the Start it @KBC accelerator, which supports innovative and scalable entrepreneurship. To optimize the app, Advelox starts a crowdfunding campaign at SPREDS.


Note for the press:

On Friday 15 March heart patient and Advelox user André and co-founders Jean-Sébastien Struyf and Paul Wulleman will be present at Start it @KBC, Havenlaan 8, 1080 Brussels. If you would like to know more or would like an interview with André or Advelox co-founders, please contact Baudouin van de Werve ( or register here.

Baudouin van de Werve partnership development manager, Advelox
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