A hidden gem from Belgium: almost 30% of Fortune Top 50 companies use iDalko’s integration software

A hidden gem from Belgium: almost 30% of Fortune Top 50 companies use iDalko’s integration software

  • Ten years of iDalko: growth company makes robust tools for companies to streamline, connect, and/or consolidate data in work management systems
  • Cross-company integration software Exalate is a worldwide success story
  • Offers state-of-the-art security protocols; systems operate in a company’s native environment 
  • Offices in Belgium (HQ), France, Ukraine, Costa Rica and India

ANTWERP, BELGIUM, Dec. 16, 2021 - iDalko is one of the best kept secrets of the Belgian tech world. Its integration software, Exalate, allows companies to securely collaborate internally and externally and synchronize data in real time. One in three of Fortune Top 50 companies—such as Verizon, IBM and Dell—use Exalate

One reason for iDalko’s success is the emphasis on ultra-strict security protocols. Exalate can be deployed within a company’s own environment making it possible to share and exchange data with other entities—without requiring multiple logins or giving external parties access. The focus on security is one of the reasons iDalko can count the US Department of State as a customer. 

Streamlining work management allows collaborating companies (and/or departments or subsidiaries) to save time and reduce costs. One notable advantage Exalate offers is the possibility to make a single change that can ripple across multiple systems.

iDalkos SaaS integration software Exalate helped boost the company’s growth and almost tripled sales last year.

Francis Martens, co-founder & CEO of iDalko
Francis Martens, co-founder & CEO of iDalko
“Integration tools are obviously not new. But Exalate is unique in its ability to perform intercompany synchronization with an exceptional degree of security and user autonomy," explains iDalko co-founder and CEO, Francis Martens. “Companies are constantly adapting to the changing world. Technology must evolve quickly while at the same time, organizations must be able to collaborate seamlessly. Our integration software helps build intercompany networks that are quick to implement and easy to join.” 
Hilde Van Brempt, co-founder of iDalko
Hilde Van Brempt, co-founder of iDalko
Co-founder Hilde Van Brempt: “By producing a whole chain of suppliers and subcontractors, companies can further enhance customer experience. Complaints and support tickets, for example, no longer have to be handed off from one company to another. Exalate can ensure that each company’s workflow is synchronized, documents are updated in real time, and that the customer status stays up-to-date.” The tool can handle the most in-depth scenarios, while clients maintain full control over their own data and businesses.

Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium, iDalko has grown from 8 employees in 2018 to more than 90 employees today. On top of tripling the revenue of their integration software, iDalko caps off their 10th anniversary with new offices in Costa Rica and India to better serve the global market.

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Anne-Sophie Jonkers
Anne-Sophie Jonkers Press Relations Start it @KBC


  • Five offices: Belgium (HQ), France, Ukraine, Costa Rica, India
  • 90 employees worldwide, who together speak more than 24 languages
  • Platinum Atlassian partner
  • +35 Atlassian certificates
  • More than 2.000 customers worldwide
  • 30% of the Fortune Top 50 are iDalko clients
  • 2 top-rated apps on the Atlassian Marketplace
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